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27 July 2021

The pandemic has fueled the power of digital

"The pandemic has fueled the power of digital. We are now living a digital first reality – and this is encouraging airlines to accelerate their digital transformation – for a transformative future of travel, with the customer at the heart."

- Datalex

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25 June 2021

Continuous Pricing, Dynamic Offer Generation and the Transition to True Customer Centric Airline Retail

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Dynamic pricing is a hot topic in the airline industry, as airlines are laser focused on driving incremental revenue and a deeper wallet share – maximising per seat profit all while delivering a superior offer that meets customer needs.

While Dynamic Pricing is by no means a new concept, the techniques, algorithms, artificial...

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13 May 2021

Datalex Merchandiser – Connect, Engage and Monetise

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Connect, Engage and Monetise

Airlines are defined by the experience they deliver more than ever before.

Travellers want reassurance, flexibility, extensive choice and all at the right moment.

Today, a successful airline merchandising strategy will not only reassure customers with safety-based offers, but also provide them with a great experience...

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