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27 November 2020

A Treasure Trove of Worldwide Airline Operational Data

The Datalex Big Book of Airline Data is a treasure trove of worldwide airline operational data, including passenger traffic, airline revenue, and frequent flyer enrollment data for 221 airlines. The Big Book is sponsored by Datalex and created by the team at IdeaWorksCompany. You can download a copy free of charge here.

The team at IdeaWorksCompany spent months scouring and researching airline...

Jeff Stivers
Head of Knowledge Management at Datalex
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23 November 2020

The Super-Digitalisation of Airline Retail – How can Airlines Retail at Speed?

Greater Offer Control, Faster Reaction Time to Market, Sophisticated Self-Service tools, Real-Time Response Capability, Automation…. These are the needs voiced regularly by airlines to overcome the limitations they experience in managing business data when executing their retailing strategy.

Gaurav Juneja
Product Manager - Digital Configurator at Datalex
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13 November 2020

Reassurance Retailing - How Targeted Ancillaries Can Win Back Customer Confidence

Airline retail has shifted, and rightly so, to focus on safety and reassurance, supporting customers with the vital services and information that ease travel concerns throughout their journey, so they can book with confidence. Airlines need to appeal to safety concerns and ensure relevancy to their customers, while generating critically needed revenue and providing new, and regularly changing,...

Fred van Toorn
Product Manager Datalex Merchandiser & Datalex Dynamic at Datalex
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