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29 June 2020

"In this industry, learning never ends."

Barely a year since graduating from Dublin College University and taking up a graduate position, Shauna Moran has learnt more about computer science than she thought possible.

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29 May 2020

Datalex China’s “New Normal” as Air Travel in China Begins to Bounce Back

Datalex has had a presence in China for over ten years, and we count ourselves lucky to have customers like Air China and airlines from the HNA group. We asked our China team to tell their COVID-19 story.

Yundi Cao
General Manager, Datalex China Office
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15 May 2020

Restore trust in air travel with unique flexibility in your digital strategy

Our world is currently facing immeasurable challenges as a result of COVID-19. Businesses are struggling with the changes in consumer spending and the airline industry has been particularly impacted. Travellers have cancelled planned trips and are restricting new travel to reduce the spread of the virus through social isolation. This has significantly reduced passengers, revenue and grounded...

Fred van Toorn
Product Manager Datalex Dynamic at Datalex.
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