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24 June 2021

Transitioning to a Future of Intelligent Dynamic Offers | White Paper

Continuous Pricing, Dynamic Offer Generation and Customer-Centric Airline Retail

Datalex is excited to announce the release of their white paper on the important developments in Continuous Pricing and Dynamic Offer Generation for a future of rich airline retailing.

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14 April 2021

Accelerating NDC - White Paper

Engaging with aggregators to increase NDC adoption

In February 2021, Travel In Motion conducted a comprehensive survey including many of the most influential (non-GDS) NDC aggregators in the industry. Combined with a series of interviews with the aggregators, airlines, sellers, and IATA, they uncovered the abilities of the aggregators, shed light upon where they can support the industry and...

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9 April 2021

The Path to Full Dynamic Offer Construction

The Datalex Dynamic roadmap and vision are fully aligned with the IATA Dynamic Offer vision and the trend in airline retailing to move towards full dynamic offer construction. This will put airlines firmly in control of the construction of distributed offers.

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