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1 December 2022

The Datalex NDC Differentiators - Leading the Market in NDC

With our Datalex NDC product we enable airlines to capitalise on the emerging trendsin the NDC space and realise the associated revenue, cost saving, offer differentiation and distribution freedom opportunities. Datalex NDC gives airlinesfar greater control to provide rich content to more distribution channels, ensuring alignment and consistency across the direct and indirect channels so...

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10 November 2022

Datalex Pricing AI featured in the AWS 'Modern Revenue Management in the Cloud' eBook

Datalex is proud to be featured in the recently published AWS eBook on transforming Revenue Management entitled ‘Modern Revenue Management in the Cloud’. This eBook provides expert insights into how airlines can modernise, augment, complement, and advance their revenue management systems in the cloud using more data, scalable compute power, machine learning, and off-the-shelf AI products to more...

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8 November 2022

The Language of Differentiation: How Datalex’s recent IATA ARMi certifications for Dynamic Pricing are accelerating the path to dynamic airline offers

Big news on the future of dynamic retailing..

In October 2022, Datalex was officially certified by IATA on three major messages in the AI-powered pricing and dynamic pricing sphere within the Airline Retailing Maturity Index (ARMi). 

Currently, Datalex is one of only two technology vendors to be certified on the IATA ARMi in relation to the three Dynamic Pricing capabilities. The certifications...

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