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18 May 2017

Making a Case for Dynamic Pricing and Offer Optimization using best in class Commerce & Cognitive Technologies

“The industry continues to operate on legacy static rule-based methods for computation of offers and prices. As the volume of variably priced offers continues to expand across an increasing volume of channels, the industry can no longer rely on static rule-based methods. We believe the combination of best-in-breed commerce and cognitive technologies will revolutionize the airline retailing...

Alan Dunne
Chief Innovation Officer
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2 May 2017

Airline Loyalty, from Churn and Earn to Adapt and Burn.

Airlines have led the industry in developing a loyalty mechanism that drives repeat behavior and has clear and understandable rewards. However, as consumers change and the way we consume products brings about change, the model of airline loyalty is facing issues.

Gianni Cataldo
Vice President of Product and General Manager of Datalex Americas
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7 April 2017

Customer Recovery needs a makeover, let's get marketing on it.

What is customer recovery? It’s the airline credit you receive for a bad experience (for example, a lost bag). This credit is the salve that is supposed to neutralize the negative experience and bring you back for future business. Yet, customer recovery is treated as an operational concern, where the focus is on controlling the issuance and redemption of credit, at the expense of recovering the...

Kamal Middya
Product Line Manager at Datalex
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