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9 February 2016

Philippine Airlines leads with Datalex Digital Commerce

Philippine Airlines has reselected Datalex as its digital commerce technology partner for the next five years. The partnership will support Philippine Airlines’ digital strategy to drive competitive consumer and corporate offers across all sales channels.

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10 December 2015

Digital Commerce has come of age

Digital commerce is how business gets done. The old tropes, what we once called ecommerce or online, and even stalwarts such as the "internet booking engine" indicate legacy thinking; the channel to the consumer is digitally enabled, the consumer is always connected.

Gianni Cataldo
Vice President of Product and General Manager of Datalex Americas
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16 November 2015

Datalex: Accessibility for all

Working with the National Council for Blind in Ireland and accessibility expert Joshue O Connor at InterAccess, here at Datalex we have been busy enhancing our accessibility offering. As the December website accessibility compliance deadline approaches many airlines are still asking what it means and how they will be impacted. As procurers of accessible technologies, airlines want clear answers,...

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