Transitioning to a Future of Intelligent Dynamic Offers | White Paper

June 24, 2021

Transitioning to a Future of Intelligent Dynamic Offers | Datalex White Paper

Continuous Pricing, Dynamic Offer Generation and Customer-Centric Airline Retail

Datalex is excited to announce the release of their white paper on the important developments in Continuous Pricing and Dynamic Offer Generation for a future of rich airline retailing.

Featuring exclusive insights from a Datalex interview with leading international authority on Dynamic Offer Generation and Continuous Pricing – Dr. Peter Belobaba, Principal Research Scientist at the MIT International Centre of Air Transportation and Director of the PODS Revenue Management Research Consortium.


  • The ‘Spiral Down’ Effect and How to Avoid It
  • Price Influencing Factors – Market Types, Competition and Customer Segmentation
  • Conditional Willingness to Pay
  • The Role of Revenue Management Post Covid
  • Assessing the gains and influencing factors of moving to Continuous Pricing
  • Leveraging advanced Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing Engines in COVID-19 Reaction
  • When does Continuous Pricing Work Best?


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