An Airline’s Transition to a Digital Retail Environment

April 27, 2017

We know that the existing digital relationship between airlines and their passengers is unstructured and needs rethinking. The transition to a new fit-for-purpose digital retail environment, based on business agility and customer-centricity, is essential to meet future airline distribution needs.

A digital retail environment which meets an airline’s needs must fulfil many roles. As well as being customer-centric and agile, it must also be omnichannel, data rich, accessible and extensible. But what do we mean by a digital retail environment? What will it look like? What is driving the airline industry towards becoming more digital and forcing airlines to become retailers?

In this report, we outline what a digital retail environment is, its benefits and why it is important. We also consider the challenges of making the transition and identify the three main steps in evaluating and preparing for a transformation.

Finally we ask whether a digital retail environment can serve the purpose of, and eventually replace, the PSS?


‘An Airline’s Transition to a Digital Retail Environment’ is a white paper by TravelinMotion, sponsored by Datalex.


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About Datalex
Datalex is a market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform provides airlines with a unique solution to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers. Today the platform enables a travel marketplace of over one billion shoppers covering every corner of the globe, driven by some of the world’s most innovative airline retail brands. The Group is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and maintains offices across Europe, the USA and China. Datalex plc is a publicly listed company on Euronext Dublin (DLE).

What we do

Datalex empowers airlines to be digital retailers. With more than 800 capabilities, including Offer & Order Management, the Platform offers airlines the ability to deliver a competitive and differentiated airline retail experience on every device, across every sales channel and at every touchpoint in the customer journey.


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