The Datalex NDC Differentiators - Leading the Market in NDC

December 1, 2022


With our Datalex NDC product we enable airlines to capitalise on the emerging trends in the NDC space and realise the associated revenue, cost saving, offer differentiation and distribution freedom opportunities. Datalex NDC gives airlines far greater control to provide rich content to more distribution channels, ensuring alignment and consistency across the direct and indirect channels so that customers can benefit from the same high standard of offers and servicing across both.

At Datalex, we are leading the way in this new era of airline retailing with our Datalex NDC offers are enhanced with continuous pricing, rich content, offers and bundles and offers are serviced in the same place they were created, for a truly modern retailing solution. Datalex has continued to invest in its NDC product in line with emerging trends and has ensured its leadership across adoption of both the NDC schema version and progression across the IATA ARMi certifications.  

 Some of the key differentiators of the Datalex NDC offering include:  

  •  Unified Merchandising - One Platform for Direct & Indirect​   
    Datalex NDC is unique in the market for a variety of reasons, but our key differentiator is undoubtedly our ability to offer a unified merchandising solution that is offered across channels. The ability to provide a unified merchandising layer across both the direct and indirect channels provides airlines with unparalleled speed to market​ between Direct and NDC. In this way airlines can support the same rich level of content and bundling across all channels. This ensures all their customers receive the same rich content no matter the channel, as it is supported by our unified merchandising layer. Datalex’s unique OMS is architected for the future as all our offers and orders are unified across a merchandising layer. Airline owns the order and have full visibility across the customer journey as a centralised vision. This also allows airlines to benefit from ‘reactive retailing’ to enable them to quickly complete in key markets matching the right offers to customers accordingly. 
  • New Era of Servicing and Selling - 21.3 Ready​  
    Datalex is one of the first technology providers to be certified on the NDC Schema Version 21.3. This means airlines can leapfrog previous NDC iterations with the most seller friendly NDC schema version of 21.3​, which is the ‘conversion version.’ It is a milestone version of the schema that Datalex can readily provide to airlines, meaning better selling and better servicing for all. Chief Revenue Officer at Datalex, Bryan Porter, commented '21.3 is really a convergence version - it highlights absolute maturation, towards a more industrialised version of the standard. Airlines can now leapfrog previous version thanks to those early adopters.' Datalex is laser focused on continuously adding advanced retailing capability for our airline partners across our product portfolio - our NDC 21.3 certification is another important step in the retailing journey we are bringing our customers on. 
  • The most mature NDC Offer & Order offering  
    Datalex’s leadership across the IATA Airline Retail Maturity Index​ in particular with our recent certifications for Continuous Pricing and Dynamic Offer, underpin our laser focused product approach to have the most complete set of Offer and Order retailing capabilities utilising the latest NDC 21.3 schema version. The certifications bring important benefits for airlines as well as unlocking greater value for their customers with improved differentiation of products, offers and prices. This includes a greater ability for the airline to differentiate via travel agencies with more control over, and more customer centric, offers and pricing; enhanced offer choice across direct and indirect sales channels; and progression towards future-proofed modularity, empowering airlines with standalone technology that connects intelligently to others.  
  • Advanced usability features and speed to market for airlines and sellers​ - At the essence of Datalex’s products is the ability to provide airlines with much greater control, efficiencies, flexibility and speed to market with retailing. To this end Datalex provides airlines with:
    • The Digital Configurator tool which gives airlines complete control over their offers across channels in real time.
    • The Agent Portal to provide agents with unrivalled access to superior content and offers.  
    • The Airline Assistant to give airlines complete control over their distribution strategy through their agencies to manage all travel agents in-house.   
  • Specialists in Retailing & Dynamic Offer Capability​ - Datalex is helping to accelerate airlines’ journey towards what the industry calls ‘intelligent dynamic offers’ which will bring a highly customer centric, leading digital retail experience to all travellers. In doing so, we are on a mission to unshackle airlines from revenue limiting practices and legacy technology.
  • IROPS​ – Datalex recognises the importance of seamless order changes and for this reason our NDC product includes advanced IROPS management for both Involuntary / Voluntary changes and has a committed investment and product focus in IROPS to enable self-service​ for a superior customer experience.  

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