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June 17, 2013

The first thing I learnt on day one of my first sales job; know your product and know your customer. Do you know me? I’m not a channel and I’m not 15c; I’m me. As you don’t know me, you don’t know that I only drink peppermint tea and that’s why you never have it onboard, on early morning flights I like to sleep and on evening flights I would buy a gourmet meal. How can you differentiate yourself to me if you don’t know what I value? I often travel with you, and tell you a lot about me, but you don’t seem to listen. If you want me to love your brand, you could at least offer me a drink that I like or give me a nice dinner; at the very least chat me up.

Mike Naylor
Business Development Director, Datalex

About Datalex

Datalex is a market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform provides airlines with a unique solution to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers. Today the platform enables a travel marketplace of over one billion shoppers covering every corner of the globe, driven by some of the world’s most innovative airline retail brands. The Group is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and maintains offices across Europe, the USA and China. Datalex plc is a publicly listed company on Euronext Dublin (DLE).

What we do

The Datalex Digital Commerce platform allows our airline customers to optimise the retailing of offers (product, price, promotion) and to complete retail transactions from start to finish across all digital sales channels. These two capabilities represent a significant evolution for airlines in an industry that was designed for a single product (the airline ticket) and a single channel (the travel agency).

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