Automated Baggage Rules - a milestone for the travel industry

April 1, 2011

IATA resolution 302 for baggage automation took effect today - a momentous milestone for the travel industry. Datalex was ready - its Automated Baggage Rules (ABR) was already live and in production.

The Datalex Travel Distribution Platform (TDP) has enabled customers to load and manage flight related ancillary services including seat, meal and bag policies for a number of years. Flexible business rules enable Datalex’s airline customers to be bold and innovate how they position products to their passengers. These products and services can be included in bundles or as a-la-carte shopping items across multiple channels and at various touch points in the passenger’s itinerary lifecycle. Airlines and pricing systems are leveraging this market-leading business solution to improve customer service, by engaging in ‘conversations’ with passengers to understand who they are, and ensuring that the most appropriate personalised offer is made. Optimising this relationship helps Datalex’s customers to builds trust, brand loyalty and increase incremental revenue.

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Ornagh Hoban, VP Strategy & Marketing

About Datalex

Datalex is a market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform provides airlines with a unique solution to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers. Today the platform enables a travel marketplace of over one billion shoppers covering every corner of the globe, driven by some of the world’s most innovative airline retail brands. The Group is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and maintains offices across Europe, the USA and China. Datalex plc is a publicly listed company on Euronext Dublin (DLE).

What we do

Datalex empowers airlines to be digital retailers. With more than 800 capabilities, including Offer & Order Management, our Platform offers airlines the ability to deliver a competitive and differentiated airline retail experience on every device, across every sales channel and at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

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