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November 15, 2017

In 2016, IATA produced its first NDC Solutions White Paper. IATA commissioned Sia Partners to carry out the study, which looked at the solutions provided by a range of IT providers across the industry.

With a number of new NDC-certified suppliers in the market, and increased airline and travel agency adoption, IATA commissioned Sia Partners again to update the White Paper this year.

The revised report was launched last month, in which Datalex was one of the 34 IT providers researched. In the report, Datalex was judged as ‘best in class’ across 6 of the 7 functional areas assessed. This included the areas of:

  • Offer Management
  • Order Management
  • API Management
  • Integration Management
  • Content Management

For each area, the performance of each solution was assessed. This allowed an absolute functional score for each solution to be determined. This benchmark can be seen in the chart below, which displays the average score of the airline IT solutions studied. The chart also shows an envelope consisting of the top score reached on each individual axis.


IATA’s NDC Solutions White Paper assessed the market average and best in class performances of airline IT solutions for a number of functional areas. Datalex achieved ‘best-in-class’ status for 6 of the 7 areas

Datalex was one of the first IT providers to achieve NDC Level 3 Certification with IATA – the highest level of IATA NDC Certification possible. The subsequent validation of Datalex’s solution as assessed by the IATA and Sia Partners latest White Paper solidifies Datalex’s position as a leading solution provider of offer and order management capabilities to global airlines.

The paper highlights which NDC modules and features bring the most value to airlines. "90% of the suppliers surveyed again put offer capability first. Air ancillaries, personalisation and dynamic pricing are seen as the next most valuable modules and features".

"Our Commerce platform architecture has been designed around the retail context of offer and order management not the CRS or airline reservation context. Our airline customers use our platform to provide an omni channel retail experience; to dynamically price  and optimise air and ancillary offers and to manage a partner marketplace of suppliers and distributors which drive new revenue and profit sources for the airline". 

"Our platform is an open API platform which complies with latest NDC standards and we are committed stakeholders in contributing to future of NDC."- Malachi Faughnan, Chief Information Officer at Datalex

"As a member of the ONE Order task force, we are also bringing our best thinking to advancing the business requirements and the data flows that airlines need to implement One Order and help the IATA designers to generate the messages". - Abram Richman, Chief Solution Architect at Datalex


Click here to read the full IATA NDC Solutions White Paper on 

Click here to Download the Datalex NDC solutions scorecard


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