CAPA Airlines in Transition

April 15, 2013

Datalex was proud to sponsor the CAPA Airlines in Transition Conference in Dublin last week. Lots of lively debate from airline CEOs on regulation, revenue, cost models and competition. Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG in typical frank manner, swept away the excuses: unions, business models etc, and noted management need to be determined to succeed, manage costs and ensure a return on capital invested. Dave Barger, CEO of JetBlue and Christoph Mueller, CEO of Aer Lingus were optimistic that ongoing structural change across industry would improve profitability, and that no one model fits all. The regulators took a unified hit from the airlines present. Alliances were not seen as a guarantee for survival unless the revenue synergies exist. Capacity consolidation and market segmentation will continue to evolve. Datalex CEO Aidan Brogan noted that airlines need to apply more retail science to revenue models for highest margin return. The focus must be on the total travel PNR and traveller experience. He noted that the business infrastructure must support a retail mindset, referencing the WestJet guest experience as an innovative model.

 Ornagh Hoban

VP Marketing & Strategy, Datalex

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