Datalex Pricing AI featured in the AWS 'Modern Revenue Management in the Cloud' eBook

November 10, 2022

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Datalex is proud to be featured in the recently published AWS eBook on transforming Revenue Management entitled ‘Modern Revenue Management in the Cloud’. This eBook provides expert insights into how airlines can modernise, augment, complement, and advance their revenue management systems in the cloud using more data, scalable compute power, machine learning, and off-the-shelf AI products to more accurately predict travel demand, set a modern, real-time pricing strategy, to provide the right traveller with the right product at the right price at the right time.

The world of AI is the next frontier for airlines which was first discovered during the pandemic when many airlines were forced to introduce features such as AI chatbots to deal with customer queries. Since then, the attention has been turned to AI-powered pricing to automate processes originally performed by Revenue Management, by achieving greater output at lower costs and in less time. In this eBook, you can learn more about Datalex's unique approach to AI powered pricing with Datalex Pricing AI, results from Pricing AI trials and insights from our research on the AI opportunity for revenue management.

Download Datalex's feature in the AWS 'Revenue Management in the Cloud' eBook by filling out the form provided. 

Datalex Pricing AI will transform Revenue Management strategies using unique AI models, empowering airlines to build competitive advantage by differentiating through data in real-time and at scale. This product has been built for future-focused airlines who want to supercharge their pricing strategy, by scaling intelligence, and differentiating across the airline’s network in real-time.

Learn more about Datalex Pricing AI here



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