Video: Loyalty Commerce - Trends, Opportunities & Future perspectives

November 23, 2018

Airline loyalty has been in an ongoing state of change and has become an integral element of the digital commerce strategy. With unique characteristics that can drive a range of business objectives, loyalty has huge potential to create significant added value for the airline.

As loyalty programs grow and customer expectations become more sophisticated, the travel retailer needs a loyalty platform that will not only increase revenue and conversions, but can also merchandise the loyalty offer efficiently and effectively.

In the video below, Conor O'Sullivan (VP of Product, Datalex), Alan Lias (MD, Venturist) and Evert de Boer (Managing Partner, On Point Loyalty) share the latest trends and future perspectives in Loyalty Commerce.


Datalex Loyalty Commerce provides enhanced redemption, reward, member engagement and partner program value, allowing loyalty programs to deliver a seamless and secure shopping and redemption experience to their customers.


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