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Dynamic Offers White Paper
Datalex helps deliver new merchandizing options for JetBlue

Enabled by Datalex, JetBlue’s recently updated Fare Options Product provides JetBlue’s customers a lower price offering...

Tags: digital transformation, Dynamic Pricing, Innovation

Video: A Pathway to Digital Retail - Datalex Workshop at Aviation Festival 2018

Datalex hosted its workshop 'A Pathway to Digital Retail' at the Aviation Festival event, which took place recently in the...

Tags: e-commerce, digital transformation, Innovation

Prioritizing Capabilities and Governing the Airline Digital Transformation

To wrap up this blog series I would like to provide my insight as to how to prioritize the capabilities as well as build a...

Tags: digital transformation

Six areas that can propel digital transformation

Digital transformation can eradicate a passenger’s pain points and make every offer or interaction meaningful, But the whole...

Tags: API, digital transformation, Customer Experience

Designing your Organization for a Successful Airline Digital Transformation

This is the fourth post in my series of blogs on delivering successful Airline Digital Transformations. In this post, I will...

Tags: digital transformation

Capabilities of an Airline Digital Transformation -  A Digital Innovation Platform

This is the third post in my series of blogs on delivering successful Airline Digital Transformations.  In this post, I will...

Tags: Blog, digital transformation