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Dynamic Offers White Paper

West Air and China United Airlines officially announced on 29th March 2015 their transformation into low cost carriers (LCC)....

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By Datalex On November 24, 2014

Travel suppliers as buyers

I often field questions and comments from friends and family about my job and what it’s like working for a global company engaged...

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By Datalex On October 28, 2014

No Waitlists Permitted

When you think of Generation Y (or the millennials), the image painted in your mind is likely to be a twenty-something, who in a...

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NDC: the new distribution capability. The oft discussed and rarely understood new trend in airline distribution promises to...

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By Datalex On February 25, 2014

Make me an offer!

Most other retailers know they can easily increase profits by making an additional offer above the original purchase, which...

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By Datalex On February 11, 2014

It’s not just a seat!

A view from Datalex’s commercial director in Latin America.

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