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Dynamic Offers White Paper
Making a Case for Dynamic Pricing and Offer Optimization using best in class Commerce & Cognitive Technologies

“The industry continues to operate on legacy static rule-based methods for computation of offers and prices.  As the volume of...

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Airline Loyalty, from Churn and Earn to Adapt and Burn.

Airlines have led the industry in developing a loyalty mechanism that drives repeat behavior and has clear and understandable...

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Customer Recovery needs a makeover, let's get marketing on it.

What is customer recovery? It’s the airline credit you receive for a bad experience (for example, a lost bag). This credit is...

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Customer Success evolves at Datalex

Earlier this month I attended a 2-day Customer Success conference – “Pulse Europe”. I had participated in the inaugural...

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This is a post first published in Airlines International, 20 December 2016. 

Digitalization is forcing a paradigm shift in...

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Addressing the Customer Disconnect with Connected Commerce

Never have airlines been so preoccupied – and measured – on the basis of their operational efficiencies. Financial savings or...

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