Digital Commerce and API First

June 14, 2016

Digital commerce is steadily becoming the primary enterprise system for customer engagement. The number of digital touchpoints and channels continues to grow exponentially as consumers become fully digital. Airlines are increasingly focused on investment in fully integrated digital commerce platforms which accelerate distribution efficiencies, deliver higher conversion and attachment rates, and promote differentiated and personalized digital self-service at all touchpoints in the customer journey.

Unified commerce systems must deliver an unprece­dented level of control and agility to support offer and order management across rapidly evolving channels and points of sale, but they must also support and enable an ever-expanding ecosystem of developers, partner suppli­ers and enterprise systems.

Digital Commerce

Integration that abstracts from legacy constraint

The dichotomy of B2B and B2C continues to converge to C2B markets as airlines become consumer driven busi­nesses accessible across a proliferation of new digital channels. Airlines will need to compete and differentiate product offerings across these channels at a pace never before imagined. For some the transition has been a slow, painful process constrained by legacy systems designed to support a thirty year old supply chain model no longer fit for purpose.

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