Video: A Pathway to Digital Retail - Datalex Workshop at Aviation Festival 2018

September 11, 2018

Datalex hosted its workshop 'A Pathway to Digital Retail' at the Aviation Festival event, which took place recently in the Business Design Center, London.

The workshop consisted of two panels - the first was hosted by Datalex CTO Blair Koch who was joined by panelists Dave O'Donovan from Aer Lingus, and Rob Ranieri from IBM. They discussed 'Designing your Organization for Successful Digital Transformation'. The second panel was hosted by Travel in Motion's Daniel Friedli, who was joined by Jasmin Eberharter of Lufthansa Group, Simon Nowroz of CWT, Christophe Tcheng of AMEX Global Business Travel, and Paul Tilstone of Festive Road. They discussed 'The Platform Business - Designing for Exchange and Co-Creation of Value.'

Click on the video below to watch a summary of their conversations. 

Datalex recently sponsored the Travel in Motion and Festive Road research paper ‘Corporate Travel and the New Distribution Standards’. 
Click Here to download the paper.

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