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Dynamic Offers White Paper
Datalex NDC - Best in class
By Datalex On November 15, 2017

Datalex NDC - Best in class

In 2016, IATA produced its first NDC Solutions White Paper. IATA commissioned Sia Partners to carry out the study, which...

Tags: NDC

Six areas that can propel digital transformation

Digital transformation can eradicate a passenger’s pain points and make every offer or interaction meaningful, But the whole...

Tags: API, digital transformation, Customer Experience

Designing your Organization for a Successful Airline Digital Transformation

This is the fourth post in my series of blogs on delivering successful Airline Digital Transformations. In this post, I will...

Tags: digital transformation

From multiple customer experiences to an omni-experience

For a discipline that has been around since marketing strategies were first conceived, customer experience still feels like it...

Tags: Customer Experience

How leading retailers use price to drive more than just revenue

When looking at how leading retailers leverage price across many different verticals, it’s interesting to see the successful...

Tags: Dynamic Pricing

Small is beautiful when it comes to innovation in Travel: Datalex Labs

As organizations scale, they tend to slow down. The overheads of alignment, communication, checks, and balances drive...

Tags: API, Datalex Labs, startup