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Retail is Key to Transformation: The IATA AIR 2018

The IATA Airline Industry Retail Symposium (AIR) takes place in Rome 23-25 October. Datalex will again be a key sponsor of...

IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) Needs to Inspire Chinese Airlines

This article was originally published on July 25, 2018 in Travel Daily, China.

A number of conflicting opinions was uncovered...

Tags: NDC

Video: A Pathway to Digital Retail - Datalex Workshop at Aviation Festival 2018

Datalex hosted its workshop 'A Pathway to Digital Retail' at the Aviation Festival event, which took place recently in the...

Tags: e-commerce, digital transformation, Innovation

PSS 2018: Delivering on Incremental Revenue & Business Agility

New Architectures in Airline Passengers Systems ('PSS 2018') comes to the QEII Centre in London's Westminster, 2-4 October,...

Airline Dynamic Pricing - Using Advanced Data Science for Optimum Pricing Strategies

As we look at the major trends in the travel industry, one thing is clear - the future of travel retail will become more and...

Tags: Cognitive, Dynamic Pricing

Getting Ready for the Future of Evolving Retail Distribution

CAPA Airline Leader Summit 2018 - Getting Ready for the Future of Evolving Retail Distribution

The annual CAPA Airline Leader...

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