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12 October 2017

Designing your Organization for a Successful Airline Digital Transformation

This is the fourth post in my series of blogs on delivering successful Airline Digital Transformations. In this post, I will propose a winning organizational structure for delivering an Airline Digital Transformation in an agile way.

Blair Koch
CTO & President USA
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5 October 2017

From multiple customer experiences to an omni-experience

For a discipline that has been around since marketing strategies were first conceived, customer experience still feels like it has a long way to go. Gas companies, banks, retailers – it doesn’t take long to think of a household brand across any industry that has had its fair share of customer experience disasters. How is it that services such as utilities and finance, or the exchange of goods...

Theresa Quinn
Marketing Director
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7 September 2017

How leading retailers use price to drive more than just revenue

When looking at how leading retailers leverage price across many different verticals, it’s interesting to see the successful strategies that they employ and how these could equally be leveraged in an Airline context. What successful retailers understand is that price while important means nothing on its own, it’s all about the offer.

Alan Dunne
Chief Innovation Officer
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15 August 2017

Small is beautiful when it comes to innovation in Travel: Datalex Labs

As organizations scale, they tend to slow down. The overheads of alignment, communication, checks, and balances drive resistance to what was once a finely tuned machine. 

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27 July 2017

Capabilities of an Airline Digital Transformation -  A Digital Innovation Platform

This is the third post in my series of blogs on delivering successful Airline Digital Transformations.  In this post, I will explore the capabilities that should be included in the scope of the Digital Innovation Platform.

Blair Koch
CTO & President USA
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