Datalex helps deliver new merchandizing options for JetBlue

January 7, 2020

Enabled by Datalex, JetBlue’s recently updated Fare Options Product provides JetBlue’s customers a lower price offering competitive with other airlines “Basic Economy” prices.

Datalex JetBlue Fare Option 2

The new “Fare Options 2.0” offer the choices that today’s JetBlue customers want, including a new low fare for price sensitive travellers and an updated option for customers who value additional benefits like flexibility and speed by offering the ability to purchase bags prior to the check in window and preferred seating and Even More Space Seats prior to the day of travel.

Datalex CEO Sean Corkery said: “Fare Options 2.0 will lead to high value revenue growth at JetBlue whilst continuing to enhance the exceptional customer experience JetBlue customers expect. Our teams have worked as one to deliver and we are proud to work with JetBlue to ensure that our partnership continues to augment the value JetBlue enjoys by using the Datalex platform.”

JetBlue Chief Digital and Technology Officer Eash Sundaram said: “As a customer-centric company, we’re always listening to our customers as we grow. This evolution or our e-commerce capabilities allows us to meet the needs of today’s travellers with a state-of-the-art merchandising platform and expanded self-service capabilities to significantly improve the customer experience and drive revenue opportunities.”

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