March 22, 2013

This month’s Airline Business magazine reports on Datalex’s leadership in the airline industry’s retail transformation. At Datalex, we have abstracted from the constraints and restrictions of industry PSS systems to drive innovation. Moreover, we have driven innovation in merchandising where standards did not yet exist. Datalex has a unique pedigree in guiding standards for new distribution practice in industry. As founding members of the OpenTravel Alliance (and current board member), Datalex was a key contributor to the first OpenTravel XML standards for air shopping and more recently in 2012, Datalex’s schema was adopted as the basis for the OpenTravel Merchandising schema, voted as the most proven and scalable in industry. Datalex has supported evolving ATPCO standards, IATA EMD standards and today is a key participant in the IATA NDC working group, working with airlines to support and evolve the NDC standard today and in the future.

Datalex customers require control and agility in their retail platform to keep pace in competitively differentiating their brand and offering. This requires a retail platform that seamlessly integrates to but is not limited by underlying PSS systems or indeed industry standards. With our customers and partners, we continue to outpace, and to look for better, faster and smarter solutions.

Our industry partners share the objective to innovate at pace in support of airline customers.  Most recently, we are working closely with PROS to apply big data science to pricing and shopping for more efficient availability, more effective price optimisation and increased profitability for our airlines.

 Dominic Clarke
SVP Global Sales

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