Even the retailing gurus don't always get it right...

May 29, 2012

As I read a Sky News article recently by Emma Birchley entitled “Supermarkets 'Using Dodgy Pricing Tactics'”, it was a mix of indignation and relief. Can it really be true, the friendly folks at my local supermarket are using "dodgy pricing tactics" and less than clear promotions, so that I actually pay more than I thought as I put items into my shopping cart?

In a statement, Tesco said: "We make every effort to ensure we act in accordance with government guidelines on price promotions." And Asda (Wal-Mart) added: "When we do get it wrong we put our hands up to say sorry and put things right as quickly as possible." These statements sound very similar to those we hear about airline ancillary fees and charges.

“Why relief?” I hear you ask. Datalex works with pioneering airlines that are on a path to being travel retailers. These airlines are engaging travellers and personalising products to enhance the traveller’s experience, improve loyalty and of course drive revenue. It’s therefore a relief to hear that even the retailing gurus don’t always get it right, so we shouldn’t expect that airlines will either. Only by trying and learning will they improve.

Mike Naylor
Business Development Director, Datalex

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