IATA Resolution 302 - no news must be good news!

April 6, 2011

For the past 12 months there have been working groups, discussions, publications, webinars, blogs and software development (in some cases) with IATA and ATPCO working tirelessly to prepare everyone for the 1st April 2011; the demise of Resolution 300 & 301 making way for Resolution 302 and automated baggage. From the information available it’s clear that not every airline has filed all their baggage data with ATPCO and most of the pricing systems (pleased to say Datalex was ready!) have also missed the deadline. Yet the silence is deafening, no press releases, very few posts on discussion boards, no stories of service interruption or departure chaos, nothing. The good news is that it appears it’s business as usual for the industry; so have I missed something?

Mike Naylor, Director Product & Solutions Marketing

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