Datalex at CILA

March 28, 2011

Datalex has confirmed its participation at CILA (Latin Airline Profitability Conference)

This is the Spanish-language annual commercial event for Latin American airline decision-markers covering hot revenue enhancing trends for airlines, including: Ancillary Revenue; Social Media; Frequent Flyer Programs; Onboard Sales; Airline Merchandising; Fraud Prevention; Alternative Forms of Payment; Distribution Costs; and other means of Revenue Optimization & Cost-Cutting.

Datalex will be introducing its own concept “Persona Shopper”. Persona Shopper tracks the full purchase cycle by creating a set of business rules to monitor profile and shopping behavior, without the need to log in or complete a profile. The system enables real time predictions of implicit interest and customer value.

Watch the Datalex TDP Agent Demo

CILA Web Site:

31 de marzo - 1 de abril, 2011
Buenos Aires, Argentina
UCA | Campus Universitario de Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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